Champion Academy

CEO & Founder

Founder & CEO of Champion Academy, a sports management company growing programs, facilities, and academies across the globe. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Champion Academy is committed to providing an elevated tennis experience focused on an athlete-centered approach. Deb is an internationally experienced tennis professional. She spent six years touring as a professional player, including representing Roland Garros in the French club matches league. Additionally, Deb played state grade pennant for Dendy Park Tennis Club, which is regarded as Australia's premier division for club matches. After retiring, she embarked upon a coaching career that has seen her hold critical positions worldwide. Deb coached at various European and American academies before turning her attention to Australian tennis. She has coached under several internationally recognized coaches, including Paul McNamee, Andrew McLean, and Craig Tyzzer (Ash Barty, current WTA world number one coach).